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Pick your poison! What topic do you want? Scroll down to see all of the options. Branding, Niche, Unique Selling Proposition, & Pricing

Winter/Spring 2022 Webinar Wednesday Lunch & Learn!  12 PM EST

New Branding for 2022

branding will lead to price increases
branding will lead to price increases

Now that we’re all transparent and genuine because of the pandemic, it’s time to ease away the “strict professional persona” and rebrand to showcase who we are, 100%—feeling brave? If so, join me for today’s Webinar, Wednesday Lunch, & Learn about branding my way.

What you will learn:

✓ Branding goes beyond logos, colors, and fonts

✓ It’s time to lead with your brand first then your business brand

✓ Branding makes you memorable, and people won’t forget you even when they click away

✓ Authentic branding is a heart-to-heart connection. You are “un-copy-cat-able”



Presented by Janet Johnson

Dates 2/9 at 10 AM EST or 3/23 at 12 noon EST


Tweaked Niche for 2022? YES!

Yep, costs are rising, and it’s time to expand our niche. Many of us started our business to help a particular group or demographic. Now is the time to expand beyond and reconsider other markets you may not have noticed. Want to learn more? Let’s do it.

What you will learn:

✓ Your most lucrative niche is usually the last one you consider

✓ Why it’s OK to expand outward from your original intention

✓ “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

✓ Low motivation? Here’s why this work can put the pep back in your step



Presented by Janet Johnson

Dates 2/16, 3/30 at 12 noon EST


Unique Selling Proposition

Get your Game Face on! It’s time to bring out the big cheese!

Now more than ever, technology has burst open the market. We can work with anyone, anywhere, remotely! Is this a good thing? Yes and no. That means for business owners in Connecticut/Northeast is that we have plenty more competitors who can likely beat us on price. So, what does that mean? Stop competing at the lowest price! Lean on your USP and signature offer. Sound silly? Nope. Let’s discuss.

What you will learn:

✓ Most people “poo-poo” their unique selling proposition because they’re too polite

✓ What is a USP (unique selling proposition) anyway?

✓ Brainstorm your USP with cheerleaders. Not downers.

✓ Market research VS personal research? A little of both, please.



Presented by Janet Johnson

Dates 3/2, 4/6 at 12 noon EST


Charge what you’re worth and get it!

Inflation! Rising prices! Stagnant wages! The cost of doing business is increasing, and we can’t take that hit anymore. It’s time to raise your prices if you haven’t done it in a while. Many small business owners increase their prices too late because they’re afraid of what the customers will say. Kick that fear to the curb! Today, let’s talk about pricing.

What you will learn:

✓ The #1 mindset shift you need to have to raise prices without guilt

✓ What’s holding you back? Is it the competitor’s prices?

✓ Why it’s time to stop competing on price and start competing on your USP

✓ Lead with transformation instead of features and benefits



Presented by Janet Johnson

Dates 3/4/2022, 3/9, 3/18, 4/15, 4/20

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