Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Series

Look for the Category “DBE Series” to find the articles specifically written for DBEs AKA Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. I have worked with DBEs over the past several years as a financial and lean process expert. In my DBE series, I have strived to answer the most common questions that DBEs ask. Here is a handfulContinue reading “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Series”

How to Build Strong Partnerships

DBE Series 7 How can we make our DBE partnerships stronger? OK, so either you have colleagues you’ve known a long time and have partnered with in the past. Or, you went to a business development training event. You met some colleagues that you’d really like to partner with on projects.   Janet Johnson | FinancialContinue reading “How to Build Strong Partnerships”

How to find a great business lawyer?

DBE Series 6 How do we find an excellent lawyer to work with? Now, this question is very much in line with how to find a good CPA. Janet Johnson | Financial Coach for Small BusinessesJanet Johnson is the author of My Money Pivot: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding & Making More Money. Before becomingContinue reading “How to find a great business lawyer?”

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