Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Series

Look for the Category “DBE Series” to find the articles specifically written for DBEs AKA Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. I have worked with DBEs over the past several years as a financial and lean process expert. In my DBE series, I have strived to answer the most common questions that DBEs ask. Here is a handfulContinue reading “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Series”

How to get better deals with suppliers?

DBE Series 3 How can we get better deals with our materials suppliers? Just like the GCs or general contractors, your suppliers are also looking for trust and capability. They’re looking at your reputation too because they’re taking a risk on selling to you – you might not pay them back.   Janet Johnson | Financial CoachContinue reading “How to get better deals with suppliers?”

How to get more opportunities to bid?

DBE Series 4 How can we get more chances to quote from our customers? Stay knowledgeable about their upcoming projects that you can participate in. Janet Johnson | Financial Coach for Small BusinessesJanet Johnson is the author of My Money Pivot: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding & Making More Money. Before becoming a coach, JanetContinue reading “How to get more opportunities to bid?”

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