My #1 Strategy for Staying Focused {wait for it}

Janet Johnson, MBA, Profit Breakthrough Coach

Try my simple “Red Card” system for 21 days and see how it helps you block interruptions and get stuff done.

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Why a Red Card, Janet?

Hey! So, if you’re here reading this article, that means you likely received one of my business cards.

This card is a tool to help you stay focused and on track. Yep! You read that right.

This is an incredibly simple system. Because factories can be so loud, shop workers tend to use visual cues to communicate. That way, we don’t have to yell so much.

Green = go.

Red = stop.

When you’re working on a project, and you MUST STAY FOCUSED AND UNINTERRUPTED, place this red card in front of you within your sight.

When someone pops in, “Hey, can I ask you a quick question?”

Or when a notification pops up.

Look at that red card. Let it be your boss.

Red = stop. “Leave me alone. I’m working!”

When you’re negotiating with a prospect and they’re pushing for a discount,

Red = stop. “No discount. Stand firm!”

I told you it was simple!

I was about to quit when Janet introduced me to her red card system. The other employees kept interrupting me at my desk ~ thinking that because I sat all day, I wasn’t really doing anything important. But I had to do my bookkeeping and answer emails so that wasn’t the case! I was working! Just at the desk instead of the shop floor. When they saw the red card from the door, they just turned around and left me alone. This is great! It doesn’t take so long to do my focused work now and I found more time to help everybody just fine.

~A , Printer Shop

[Knocking] What are you doing in there? I have to ask a question!

M: {trying to pump breastmilk, but I can’t because I can’t relax because people keep bothering me}. I’ll be out in a second!

When I went back to work, I had no idea how annoying people would be. I can’t explain to the men. And I’m the only mom here, so the other women don’t relate.

When I started using Janet’s red card system and put a red scrunchie on my office doorknob (improvised!), people came around the corner, saw red, and just left me alone! Finally!

M ~ Office Admin

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