How to Read 98 or More Books in One Year

My accountability group at the Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals laughs at me for my books.  You see, I “cheat.”  Well, I don’t consider it cheating because I’m taking in the lessons of each story.  I said I don’t want the fluff!! Just give me the meat!   My trick?   I use the Blinkist App.  SomeContinue reading “How to Read 98 or More Books in One Year”

Getting Real about AAPI Hate

One of the main reasons why we moved was because of racism and bullying. In particular, my daughter had a bully in school who was absolutely relentless. That was six years ago. We pulled her out and put both kids in magnet schools in Hartford. We love our school experience now. Best decision we’ve everContinue reading “Getting Real about AAPI Hate”


Hi! As you may know, I’ve spent the last 10 years or so teaching small business owners how to find more money in their business. We do this through proper money management techniques and financial analysis. To save money, we use Lean Techniques and Continual Improvement ~ tools that I used during my time inContinue reading “Announcement!”

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