Signature System (A Fantastic Example!)

This month, I will focus entirely on the subject of signature systems. What are they? What do they do? Why should every entrepreneur have signature systems? Last month, I had a fantastic interview with Barb from Infinity Brand Design, who’s such a gracious and thoughtful person. I love her energy! And her hair too! TheContinue reading “Signature System (A Fantastic Example!)”

Free Talk this Friday 4/9!

Hi! I am so very excite to announce that I will be the featured speaker for the Ladies’ Power Lunch event, Free Gift Friday! Please click here to register! This Friday, i’m going to talk about the Four Dangerous Money Mindsets that Women Entrepreneurs deal with at one time or another. I can’t believe I’veContinue reading “Free Talk this Friday 4/9!”

How to Read 98 or More Books in One Year

My accountability group at the Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals laughs at me for my books.  You see, I “cheat.”  Well, I don’t consider it cheating because I’m taking in the lessons of each story.  I said I don’t want the fluff!! Just give me the meat!   My trick?   I use the Blinkist App.  SomeContinue reading “How to Read 98 or More Books in One Year”

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