Is it too late for money transformation?

NO! Of course not!  

Today is the last day of March and the last day of the first quarter.  That means that in two days, you should have the data you need to analyze your money situation so far this year.  

You can do this in many different ways.  A quick way to think about it is, for example, if your business’s goal is to make $1 million in sales, perhaps you should have aimed for $250,000 or more in sales for the first quarter.  This is true if sales stay relatively steady throughout the year.  

But if you’re more seasonal, let’s say 80% of your business occurs during the spring/summer; you can feel that 10% of sales in quarter 1 mean you’re on track and 10% of sales in the last quarter of the year are to be expected.  

Also, it’s not too late to change course.  

Personally, my husband wants to spend $1200 per year on his favorite, Dunkin Donuts.  That’s his goal. Of course, if it were lower, that would be great, but since he spent $3000 last year, this is a stretch goal.  

That means 1200/12 = a budget of $120 per month to spend on Dunkin, aka $360 per quarter.  If we look at his money and finds that he spent $500 on Dunkin in Quarter #1, he has some adjustments.  

Alternatively, he can choose to throw the budget out of the window and do what he wants ~ spend what he wants.  But when that happens, he loses out on something else. Perhaps we cut back on holiday gifts or trips to see family.  

Do you see how looking at money gives choices?  And that it’s better to look VS not look?  

For this last day of this month and quarter, I want you to think about your financial goals.  On Boss Friday (I’ll explain in the next post), see where you are VS where you want to be.  

Remember, if you’re afraid to look, that’s a money mindset issue that’s keeping you small and certainly not as powerful as you indeed are.  

If you need help, always feel free to reach out to me. 

Closing the First Quarter

Wow, we are approaching the end of March, which is also the end of the first quarter of 2021.  You only have ½ of a week to close March and this quarter on an excellent note.  

Do you have any sales to close right now?  Perhaps you quoted a job for a customer that didn’t get back to you yet?  

Call them now.  

Do you have any prospects to follow up on?  Call them now. 

Do you have any customers that briefly mentioned they might have a new project for you soon?  Call them now.  

You see, it’s all about action!  I love money mindset, and as a teacher, I love digging into the nitty-gritty of confidence-building and money boundary breakthroughs.  

But at the end of the day, it’s all about action.  

Sure, mindset inspires the action, which is why it’s so important.  

If you’re sitting on your hands, not knowing what to do right this very moment to improve your business, please take action today.  It can be three calls to prospects or customers to generate a bit of buzz for potential business.  And, your activity doesn’t have to be perfect action.  IM” not saying, “You MUST CLOSE BUSINESS OR ELSE!”  I’m saying doing something is better than doing nothing.  

How are you spending this last Friday of the month?  What’s exciting for you that’s coming up?

What’s the Scariest Task for Entrepreneurs?


According to IBIS World, the debt collections industry is a 13.4 billion dollar industry for the United States alone.  

$13.4 Billion!  

Wow, that’s amazing. While I know this statistic likely talks about personal debt, please know hundreds of small business owners with funds locked up in their accounts receivable right now, Meaning; they did a job for a customer, and the customer hasn’t yet paid.  

Depending on your terms (due upon receipt, net 15, net 30, net 45), some AR (accounts receivable are OK if they fall within your grace period.  If I was a net 30 and my customer didn’t pay until net 45, that’s acceptable.  But if they didn’t pay 60 or 90 days out, that’s not OK.  

So, why are small businesses afraid to do collect calls?

Many reasons. Mainly because it feels uncomfortable.  

But uncomfortable has worries and issues behind it.

  1. What if I’m the annoying vendor and they won’t work with me again?
  2. What if they talk to my prospective customers and make me out to be the wrong person?
  3. What if they say my quality was terrible and argue the total balance down? 

What ifs.  I’ve heard them all.  

The truth is, there’s nothing personal about collections.  You performed a  service or sold a product. It’s their responsibility to pay you.  By you calling, you’re not doing anything wrong!  They are.  They’re in the wrong for accepting your service or product and not paying you on time.  They broke the contract.  Not you.  

If you’re still saying, “Yeah, but Janet, you don’t understand,”  I hate to tell you this, but it’s a mindset issue on your end that you need to fix right now.  Don’t make excuses for your customers’ lousy behavior.  

Do you have questions for me about collections?  Please place a comment in the blog, and I’ll get back to you.