Money Monday!

YAY, It’s “Money Monday” of the month!  Bookkeeper Success No, I do not imagine things. If you know me, you know I did the bookkeeping for my family’s business. I first started my business as a bookkeeper-for-hire. And recently, I worked in my church as a part-time bookkeeper.   I love doing it! I get thatContinue reading “Money Monday!”

What’s the Scariest Task for Entrepreneurs?

Collections.  According to IBIS World, the debt collections industry is a 13.4 billion dollar industry for the United States alone.   $13.4 Billion!   Wow, that’s amazing. While I know this statistic likely talks about personal debt, please know hundreds of small business owners with funds locked up in their accounts receivable right now, Meaning; they didContinue reading “What’s the Scariest Task for Entrepreneurs?”

Getting Real about AAPI Hate

One of the main reasons why we moved was because of racism and bullying. In particular, my daughter had a bully in school who was absolutely relentless. That was six years ago. We pulled her out and put both kids in magnet schools in Hartford. We love our school experience now. Best decision we’ve everContinue reading “Getting Real about AAPI Hate”

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