Stay Present. And Choose The Next Right Step

Work-Life Balance: Is it possible? When my students first come to me for help, they often are ashamed that they can’t get a handle on work-life balance. Honestly, it’s unfortunate and disturbing. They feel humiliated that they can’t get this right.   On the surface, on shiny social media, it looks like “Everybody else can do it.Continue reading “Stay Present. And Choose The Next Right Step”

In Flux with Varying Customers

DBE Series 12 First, I figure out my system.  But then we get new customers who like it their way.  How can I keep it all going smoothly and not kill myself over it? OK, this is a widespread question and a huge source of stress for many of the DBEs that I’ve worked with. Continue reading “In Flux with Varying Customers”

Championing the Admin

10 years as the Admin of my family’s factory. 7 years as the VP of my family’s factory. 7 years as an Entrepreneur and Admin trainer. From my vantage point, I know that the Admin is the heartbeat of any small business. Without an Admin’s organizational or communication skills, the company would flounder. Janet Johnson,Continue reading “Championing the Admin”

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