How to Have a Smooth Transition into the New Year

There are a few things a small business can do to ensure a smooth transition into the new year. Firstly, setting realistic goals and expectations for the year ahead is important. It’s also essential to create a plan of action to achieve these goals and ensure everyone in the business is on board with thisContinue reading “How to Have a Smooth Transition into the New Year”

Five “Must-Do” Tasks for Year End

There are a few things small business owners can do at the end of the year to prepare for the new year. First, they can review their finances and make sure they are on track to meet their goals. They can also plan out their marketing strategies for the upcoming year and begin implementing themContinue reading “Five “Must-Do” Tasks for Year End”

Holiday Hustle Part 2

If you missed it, last week, I shared five tips on how small business owners can successfully market their businesses during the holiday season. This is one of the busiest (and most critical) times of year for small business owners, so now is the time to double down on your marketing efforts and make sureContinue reading “Holiday Hustle Part 2”

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