How to make the most of Giving Tuesday

On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Americans all over the country come together to celebrate generosity. It’s a day when we set aside our interests and focus on giving back to our communities.

This year, Giving Tuesday falls on November 29th (today!). If you’re looking for ways to get involved, here are some ideas to get you started.

Give back to your community by donating goods or services to local charities or non-profits.

I work with a lot of contractors. If you’re a contractor, choose one or two of your favorite charities and see if you can donate your time. You may be able to help out by doing some repairs or renovations for the charity or by teaching a class or workshop on a particular skill.

If you’re a business service provider, check out this article about increasing sales and while you’re at it, check this one on decreasing expenses. See if you can donate your time or services to a local charity or non-profit. You may be able to help out by offering your expertise in a particular area or by spreading the word about their organization and how they help.

Visit a local soup kitchen to volunteer your time.

Soup kitchens are the busiest during the holidays because people want to give back to their community and help those less fortunate. Many people also go without food or meals during the holiday season, so soup kitchens see an increase in visitors.

How about this? Volunteer after the holidays.

Soup kitchens typically need volunteers year-round. You don’t need to bring a big group with you. Or, you can join up with a local group from a church or with co-workers. Volunteer service bonds people, and it’s fun too. You get to meet new people, learn something interesting, cheer yourself up or cheer up another person.

Practice Gratitude

Giving Tuesday highlights the importance of practicing gratitude. Notice the people around you and share when and how you can. Here are five ways to fuel your Giving Tuesday energy throughout the year.

  • 1. Keep a gratitude journal and write five things you’re grateful for daily.
  • 2. Say thank you to the people who have done something nice for you.
  • 3. Practice mindfulness and be aware of all the good things in your life at the present moment.
  • 4. Pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else and expecting nothing in return.
  • 5. Donate to a charity in thanks for all the blessings you’ve received.

Remember to thank your colleagues and customers on Giving Tuesday!

As of this writing, I’m still considering ideas to thank my colleagues and customers for a great 2022. Some entrepreneurs like myself prefer to give gifts or cards. I’m thinking of creating a special event to get ready for 2023. I love to help people brainstorm and strategize. That’s incredible energy, especially with equally creative and charged people around you. Please keep a lookout for my upcoming event. I’ll share an invite. No worries about that!

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading my blog post on Giving Tuesday. Today is a special day in the United States when we celebrate generosity and giving back to our communities. I hope this article has given you some ideas about how you can get involved and make a difference. If you need help with this, always feel free to reach out to me. Apply for a free consultation here.

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