How Women Excel in Business

There is no doubt that women excel in business. Women now own more businesses than ever before! So what makes women so successful in business? There are many reasons, but here are just a few: Women are excellent at scheduling and problem-solving; we have strong communication skills and are natural networkers.

This blog post will explore these reasons in more detail and discuss why women make great business leaders!

Taking a Step Back

I’m not a scientist, but I honestly don’t believe that women and men have different kinds of brains. The way we’re raised at home has a significant impact on our emotional abilities, relationship building, creativity, etc.

“A Man’s Man”

Male Americans are told to be men by being more rigid, more competitive, and less emotional than women. This can result in tremendous success at work but also a compromised ability to connect with their partners and children.

Toxic masculinity is a narrow and repressive view of manhood, which constricts the full range of healthy emotions and expressions of male identity. It’s the cultural ideal of masculinity that encourages men to be strong, unemotional, and aggressive.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In 2022, we can turn this around and redefine how we raise our kids. This “women are this way” and “men are that way” is very backward thinking.

Women Excel with Interpersonal Skills

In today’s 2022 society, where gender equality has been emphasized for decades, we still see a significant difference between how males and females handle themselves in the workplace. Women tend to excel at interpersonal skills such as communication and networking, which enhance our ability to succeed personally and professionally in an office setting.

Men have difficulty with these aspects of work because men might be used to working alone or only with those who share similar interests or opinions; this can lead to men missing opportunities for promotions and strong networking relationships. The Boy’s Club mentality is dying. A strong network is a diverse network.

Problem Solving

Another reason women often lead in the business world is our innate ability to problem-solve. We are typically talented at considering all possible solutions and considering all factors before making a decision. When I work with clients, usually, it’s the women leaders that brainstorm new ways to decrease expenses and increase sales. Women are more apt to work in teams and brainstorm together. I won’t generalize, but I’ve seen often where men sometimes make decisions impulsively or based on limited information.

The problem-solving skill is essential for anyone in a leadership role as it allows them to make well-informed choices that will have positive outcomes over time.

Building Relationships

The general belief is that women are much more likely than their male counterparts to build relationships with others outside of work. This would enable us to create new opportunities at any given moment, even if they weren’t initially planned on being there in the first place!

I think this trend has evolved over the last 20 years. Women seem to build relationships with other women who are like them. Just like in high school, it’s like belonging to a clique. For example, when it comes to school PTOs, the working moms and the stay-at-home moms will always be at odds.

However, with men, I find that men are more accessible to talk to because you’re accepted at face value. If you’re a great leader (no matter a woman or man) you will take the lead, at least in the subject you excel in. You’re likely to get a fair shake. Your success is for the good of the team. And therefore everyone (women and men) can excel together.

Women Excel in Business Conclusion

All people, regardless of gender, can excel in business. It’s 2022 and we have to get away from the archaic beliefs of toxic masculinity that legitimatize the “lone wolf.” Toxic masculinity harps on individualism, hiding emotions, and aggression. Who wants to network or build a relationship with that?!

Women and men can both excel at communication skills, problem-solving, and networking which leads to relationship building. To date, women have the intrinsic ability to balance these three elements and understand how they work together. I think the more we toss away toxic masculinity, men can balance these skills too.

All people need to be better listeners, making them excellent leaders of their staff members who often report feeling less stressed and valued. If you want success in your career, consider taking up some of these traits yourself!

Advice for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

There are a few critical things that aspiring female entrepreneurs should keep in mind if they want to succeed in business. First, it’s essential to have a clear vision and goal for your business and stay focused on achieving them. Second, it’s vital to be resilient and never give up, even when things get tough. Finally, it’s necessary always to learn and grow; continue educating yourself about business and the marketplace, and find ways to improve your skillset.

I would also recommend that women network, find a mentor, and hire a business coach to help navigate the business world. Women have different challenges than men, including being taken seriously by male colleagues or investors and balancing work with family responsibilities. BIPOC women and other marginalized groups face difficulties added as well.

It’s helpful to know what other female entrepreneurs have done in these situations, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Ultimately, the most important thing for aspiring female entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves and their abilities. There will be times when everything is going against you, but if you keep your head down and stay focused on your goals, you can be successful. I hope these tips help!

Published by Janet Johnson, MBA | Business Advisor

Janet Johnson is a small business advisor and author of My Money Pivot: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding & Making More Money and this educational blog. All views expressed belong solely to Ms. Johnson and do not represent the views of her employer. The website,, is currently managed by Luz Marcos, Virtual Assistant.

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