Audio August: Back to Basics. What does someone like you do?

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Hey everybody, what’s up? It is Janet, and welcome to my audio August series. This is a time where I chat with you no video necessary. I’m just sitting here on my couch to connect with you about certain mindset aspects that might challenge the goings on in your business. So to know delay, let’s get going. Alright, so the subject for this week, again is back to basics. What does someone like you do? Okay, so, last week, if you need to check it out, it’s it was all about Who do you think you are? And I just say that with a little attitude, but I don’t mean it mainly, it’s something this is something that we have to be strong in. Okay, we have to be strong in our purpose and our beliefs, and how we identify ourselves as small business owners. Okay, so let me take this a little bit deeper, because I did touch about this in last week’s talk. But I just want to carry niggle into that into this conversation. Okay. So let’s talk about, you know, you now, okay, which is awesome, of course, and then future you, okay, your goals based upon your goals, that person could be six months to a year, whatever, who’s you know, six months after you who has achieved the goals that you have set for yourself, based upon your purpose, and your belief system and your identity? Okay, so now that we have your identity, identity, we kind of have to dig into the who, what, when, where, why, and how side of you so think of future use. So for me, I’m just gonna think of Janet to 2022, Janet, and, you know, just see who that person is in my quick mind’s eye. So who is that person? That person is a mom of a high schooler, and a fourth grader. Okay, so what does that person do? What does that purse? How does that person juggle her family life and the needs of her family and her business? Okay, what? Okay, what does this person do on a daily basis? You know, think of future you if you’re say you’re 50k, you and you’re looking at 100k, you which is your future self? What does that person do on a day to day basis? You know, you can really break it down and kind of envision them use your imagination and go through each day. What do they do Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, what do they do? You know, do they sleep in late to they exercise? Do they eat healthy? Do they meet up with friends? Do they prioritize health? What does that person do that future you? when, you know, I said six months to a year, it doesn’t matter. It could be a month from now. Okay, I love those micro goals that we set for ourselves. So when is this person? You know, when are they on your timeline? Where are they? You know, I’m a Connecticut Connecticut girl. I will always be an East Coast girl. I feel I don’t know, when I retire. I don’t think I’m going to be a West Coast. person. Not there’s not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, you know, the last time I visited I certainly felt like, you know, kind of a fish out of water. I just, I couldn’t get the whole you know, chillin, Sunny mindset. Maybe I’m a little too cynical for that. But where do you know, where is future? You? Is it living in a big house? A smaller house is on a lake? You know? And what did it take for that person to get to that to those goals? Okay, what do you have to do to get there? Okay?

Why, again, always marry yourself to your purpose? Because that energy will sustain you through any challenge? And also how, how do we get there? Now for me? I am a huge believer in teamwork and collaboration. But in our Western society, we feel like oh, no, we can’t delegate. Nobody else can do it as good as me. I just have to carry it all on my own. So how are you going to get there? Are you going to get there all by yourself? Or you’re going to get there with some strategic partners in mind, could be a coach could be an accountant, a lawyer, whatever you need, how is how is that person going to get to where they want to go? And this is a weird conversation because it does feel kind of like I’m talking about the third person. And that’s one of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk about themselves in the third person. But I think that for this exercise, it really helps us get out of those bad habits, or those less desirable habits that we might be you No feeding right now. So for example, I am really into the Real Housewives of Atlanta right now, years ago, I was really into Real Housewives of New Jersey. So what I found that it’s on Hulu, and I saw all of this, all of the different series are on there with all their seasons that I’ve missed, you know, 12 seasons worth. And, you know, I am just sucked in. But guess what I don’t want I don’t binge watch. But after a hard day of work of pushing out, I do treat myself to treat myself to one or two episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, because I just need to laugh. I just need something silly. Also a couple of things that we need to think about as far as success and achieving our goals. Think about what does someone like you do? Okay, so are you having inconsistency issues right now? Are you not prepping for your talks or presentations? Are you just winging it? You know, what a person just winging it kind of get to those goals? Or would you might need to, you know, schedule in some prep work. Also a follower versus leader. When you want to step up, say in a collaborative group environment? Are you going to sit down and take notes and do what other people tell you? Maybe, but can you try to leverage leverage out some of those strengths that you have to help the group along? I think that would be a better choice. You know, we’re all different leaders, we all have that leadership ability. Let’s also talk about what does someone like you do? Okay, so someone who gets to your goals that you’re intending, they work on one path of clarity, they know what’s going on? Okay, so in small businesses, I see this a lot where we all are nurturers, and we have bleeding hearts, and we just want to save the world. That’s certainly a nurturer. But we might have to pivot from that. Is that really a lucrative niche? niche? niche niche? I don’t know, I say both. So if you’re a person who’s intending to make more money in your business, you really need to look at that, you know, and not treat your business like a charity. Okay. Also successful business owners. They have signature systems, that some can help somebody wrap their minds about how you help them. You know, it’s, it’s more clear, it’s not like, Oh, you know, I help you in your business, and I help you get clear, and I help you, you know, it’s not like that, it’s like, Nope, I have a profit breakthrough program, in which I will help you get from A to B within three months. Okay, you see how clarity brings it to the table, it certainly helps you get it done, okay. Also, someone like you who has those goals in mind, they also are clear on pricing and packaging, they know their product or their service inside and out. And they’re really clear on the deposits they need and the boundaries around payment plan and collections. They’re comfortable with closing sales, because you know what, when you become comfortable, it’s not so much about closing somebody or convincing somebody, it’s just really connecting and knowing what they need, understanding what they need.

And also, if you’re a person who wants to grow your business and say, go from 50k, to 100k, whatever you need systems in place. I’ve had a coach who said it, who used to describe her business as being held together by duct tape and toothpicks. Now, we all do that in the beginning, right? We all kind of scramble to get it done. But once start starts, the money coming in, and the workload gets harder. You’re gonna have to create real systems in your business to help you manage it. All right, help you manage the back end, helps you onboard your employees, whatever it takes, so that the back end doesn’t get in the way of growing your business. So for you, I want you to really think about that. What does someone like you do? Okay, are there any habits that you need to let go of? It’s okay. It’s okay to let go of habits. But, but for now, I’m gonna let you go and I will catch you on the next call. Okay. Bye.

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