So, how much do you charge?

Have you heard that a little mystery doesn’t hurt anyone?

That’s exactly how I feel about sharing your pricing too quickly during a sales conversation.

At the beginning of any natural sales conversation, the energy is transactional. It’s only about dollars, budget, and affordability.

But the deeper you dive into the sales conversation and uncover your prospective customer’s needs, then, you can change the transactional energy into a transformational one.

Trust me! It’s possible to even for products and all services beyond self-care and wellness!

Watch this video to learn more.

Published by Janet Johnson | Financial Coach for Small Businesses

Janet Johnson is the author of My Money Pivot: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding & Making More Money. Before becoming a coach, Janet gained seventeen years of experience in a family-owned manufacturing company. She also trained small business owners in Financial Management and Lean Enterprise for seven years through contracts with the State of Connecticut and the Small Business Administration for seven years.

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