Make a follow up system that works for you!

My goodness, it’s JULY this week!

Where did the time go?!

I know that we all have our vacation head-on right now, and we’re ready for the holiday weekend.  So, I’ll keep this article super-short so you can get back to the beach. 

These next three days are the last few days of the month.  

They wrap up the first half of 2021, if you can believe it!

With that said, I encourage you to comb through your leads and look for people to reach out to.  

Do you have any open proposals that need responses? 

Do you have any people who said they want to book an appointment with you?

Do you have any payments to collect?

Now, I know that we’d rather be in our swimsuits and outside drinking some icy lemonade.  But it’s worth it to set the timer for 20 minutes and make these calls.  

That’s all I’m asking for, 20 minutes!  

When I first met him, I have a client who sat me down and told me how hard it was to deal with his ADHD.  I have a family member with ADHD, so I understand.  We’re wired. Differently, you know!  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  We just need to find what works and do it our way.  

For him, he was also a big-time procrastinator.  And the bigger a project seemed, the more he wanted to avoid it at all costs!  Aren’t most of us like that?  

We worked together, and he ended up devising a system especially for making follow-up calls.  His assistant created a task list for him, complete with phone numbers.  

They would set the timer for 10 minutes, and he’d stand up at his desk while his assistant stood by.  They both had a bit of a competitive streak, and I thought it was brilliant to race the clock!

During that time, he’d call each one, one-by-one, and ended up leaving voicemail messages and say that his assistant would follow up with an email.  

When his clients picked up, he had a short chat, discussed the following steps, and had his assistant follow up with an email summarizing their discussion.  

Now, how do you think his clients felt?  They felt heard, necessary, prioritized, and treated like VIPs.  

How do you think my client felt?  He felt on-point, professional, and confident.  

The system itself was a great way to build trust and attract business for the long haul.  

How’s your follow-up system?  Is it reflective of how you want your customers to experience working with you?  Does it build trust and make you feel great!  

I encourage you to think about your communication signature system this week.  How can you systemize it to improve your experience and your customer’s experience?  

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