How Signature Systems Relieve Stress

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Hey, everybody, it’s Janet here.

So today I wanted to talk about what signature systems can do for you.

Okay, so for a lot of people, especially small business owners, we tend to be really stressed out and anxious just because we juggle so much.

So with that said, if you’re like a b2b, if you’re a small business owner, who helps other small business owners, when you create a signature system, especially one that helps relieve some stress for your client, that is just a game changer, right?

Because they don’t need to kind of be guessing on anything.

When it comes to you, you know, when they hire you, they’re hiring you because you know what you’re talking about, you have your steps laid out 123. And you know, they’re going to get the transformation at the end of other time and throughout the time together.

So please keep this in mind. Because a lot of times people think that just having a signature system boxes you in until like one little thing versus like you want to do like the whole you want to give the whole world to your client.

But really what signature systems do is it helps you get really focused on how you provide help to your to your clients. So there’s a couple mindset issues that we need to talk about.

Number one, creating order out of chaos, right, creating our order and making that story.

And number two, avoiding the bright shiny object syndrome.

Because if you can bring those two things to the table if you could help them focus with tools that you know have worked for you and if you provide accountability for them. Again, that’s just a game changer.

So please watch out for me next week. I have a really cool thing I want to share with you. And I hope you have a great day. Bye

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