Signature System (A Fantastic Example!)

This month, I will focus entirely on the subject of signature systems. What are they? What do they do? Why should every entrepreneur have signature systems?

Last month, I had a fantastic interview with Barb from Infinity Brand Design, who’s such a gracious and thoughtful person. I love her energy! And her hair too! The fantastic experience that I had with Barb wasn’t just the interview itself. It was also the experience around it. And so, I will share the experience, which (hint, hint) is a signature system.

I feel so honored to be featured on her “Women to Watch” Blog! Here’s a link to the interview on her Instagram 🙂

In all of my years in business, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had interviews with fabulous entrepreneurs. I guess I’m a bit unique because I love to talk about money, whereas most people are taught that it’s shameful to talk about money.

Something else that’s different about me (as a money-focused coach) is that beyond the big picture “To-Dos” like nurture your money mindset, I also talk about the nitty-gritty “How’s.” These are the how’s that many mindset coaches shy away from. Not me! I dig in hard! My lessons include how to read your P&L, how to collect late payments with grace and ease, how to charge and feel great about increasing prices, etc.!

So when I agreed to interview with Barb, she has a super-organized system that does a few things. 1) You can book using her online calendar, get a reminder, and have the interview posted on your calendar. 2) You have an access portal (WHAAAT?!) where you can view the “Prepare for your Interview” section. And 3) When she finalizes the video, she sends you another link to the portal under an email that says, “Your Promo Goodies are ready!” The goodies include social media pictures and other fun stuff to help co-promote (is that a word?) the interview with her.

Now, I don’t want to give you everything because it’s important that you go check out Barb at her website.

But what I have to say as a Lean Efficiency Expert and business coach is that the way she runs her signature system tells me a lot about her as a branding expert and website, funnel, and course creator. “Hum, so Barb is super clear and organized for this one interview. She must be this way with everything for customers and clients too! I really feel good about working with and referring Barb!”

As business owners, we tend to be scattered (when stressed) and all over the place. But once you find someone who’s an expert in what you aren’t, it feels so awesome! When that expert shows up with a system that makes working with them easy and straightforward, that’s such a stress reliever! They have done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

A considerate Signature System is a difference between a meh-website designer to an “OMg; this designer is fantastic! I need to work with her on everything!” designer.

Please check out our interview (linked above) and go check out Barb’s site here. And stick with me next week when I share more about Signature Systems!

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