If not for the admin…

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!

If it wasn’t for the admin

The part-time “office girl”

Supportive Spouse

Hired secretary


Most small, family-owned/family-run businesses would not survive. I know because that was me for many years.

As the business owner is out there meeting and pitching to prospective customers, working on machines, working on production, it’s the “office girl” that answers the phone and talks with all of the customers, prospects, and vendors. Those conversations are very powerful because they represent the culture of the company.

Are you a quick talker? Do you talk over the buyer? Sorry but you’re losing money.

Are you a good listener? Do you strive to help? Do you strive to go above and beyond? If that sounds like you, then my friend, you need a raise!

At this moment, I challenge you to write down every interaction you have with a customer that leads to a sale, every phone call that leads to a prospect that leads to an RFQ (and then sale), and every email that leads to a vendor or supplier providing more competitive costs. I know you must be skeptical about this but after 27 years of being in business, I know what leads to sales.

For a decade, I worked directly 1:1 with back office administrators to help them create order in their office so they can focus on best managing the financials of the business. People ask me the questions that they are afraid to ask others. These are the same questions we all thought we had to just put up with.

Well, we don’t have to put up with anything.

Here is my collection of articles that I tagged as “admin help.” Simply click on the featured images to get the full article. Here you go!

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