Is it too late for money transformation?

NO! Of course not!  

Today is the last day of March and the last day of the first quarter.  That means that in two days, you should have the data you need to analyze your money situation so far this year.  

You can do this in many different ways.  A quick way to think about it is, for example, if your business’s goal is to make $1 million in sales, perhaps you should have aimed for $250,000 or more in sales for the first quarter.  This is true if sales stay relatively steady throughout the year.  

But if you’re more seasonal, let’s say 80% of your business occurs during the spring/summer; you can feel that 10% of sales in quarter 1 mean you’re on track and 10% of sales in the last quarter of the year are to be expected.  

Also, it’s not too late to change course.  

Personally, my husband wants to spend $1200 per year on his favorite, Dunkin Donuts.  That’s his goal. Of course, if it were lower, that would be great, but since he spent $3000 last year, this is a stretch goal.  

That means 1200/12 = a budget of $120 per month to spend on Dunkin, aka $360 per quarter.  If we look at his money and finds that he spent $500 on Dunkin in Quarter #1, he has some adjustments.  

Alternatively, he can choose to throw the budget out of the window and do what he wants ~ spend what he wants.  But when that happens, he loses out on something else. Perhaps we cut back on holiday gifts or trips to see family.  

Do you see how looking at money gives choices?  And that it’s better to look VS not look?  

For this last day of this month and quarter, I want you to think about your financial goals.  On Boss Friday (I’ll explain in the next post), see where you are VS where you want to be.  

Remember, if you’re afraid to look, that’s a money mindset issue that’s keeping you small and certainly not as powerful as you indeed are.  

If you need help, always feel free to reach out to me. 

Published by Janet Johnson, MBA | Business Advisor

Janet Johnson is a small business advisor and author of My Money Pivot: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding & Making More Money and this educational blog. All views expressed belong solely to Ms. Johnson and do not represent the views of her employer. The website,, is currently managed by Luz Marcos, Virtual Assistant.

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