Daily Agenda

When I had my family’s shop, the production manager and I met at 7 AM each morning to go over the day. It’s crucial to stay on the same page as your partner(s) so that everyone remembers to work toward a similar goal.

A similar goal is to move the company forward, serve its customers, and grow. Here’s the simple agenda I used each morning. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a long meeting. 5-10 minutes is all it can take.

  1. Inspirational Quote:
  2. What did I accomplish yesterday?
  3. What do I need to accomplish today?
  4. What do I need from you?
  5. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  6. What do you need to accomplish today?
  7. What do you need from me?
  8. What orders need to go out today?
  9. What orders need to go out this week?

Published by Janet Johnson, MBA | Small Business Coach

Janet Johnson is the author of My Money Pivot: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding & Making More Money. Before becoming a coach, Janet gained seventeen years of experience in a family-owned manufacturing company. She also trained small business owners in Financial Management and Lean Enterprise through contracts with the State of Connecticut and the Small Business Administration for seven years.

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